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Project information
The worth of “Fantom” is that it is able to protect soldier’s life and minimize human presence in dangerous places, conduct reconnaissance operations and reduce physical load for military personnel during military, rescue and reconnaissance ground operations.

Transport vehicle “Fantom” is used for ambulance and rescue missions, ammunition supply, as a reconnaissance complex, power source, for defense of locations. The vehicle is also used as an escort transport that automatically follows the mobile column.

Unmanned aerial platforms are already used in a number of military missions, therefore the next stage in strengthening the armed forces is to develop unmanned ground platforms.

Production history

Hybrid war in The Eastern Ukraine has forced developers and manufacturers to find new ways to protect the lives of soldiers on the battlefield. Among many ideas the most promising projects for future implementation were chosen by defense market participants, investors and volunteers.

In early 2016 at the meetings of managers of SC "Ukroboronprom" with the management of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine (NSDCU) there was a discussion of current development opportunities for creation of new weapons, equipment and means of soldiers' lives protection. During one of the meetings in February 2016 the management of NSDCU gave the task to defense industry enterprises to bring to notice the individual needs of the armed forces separate units in unmanned ground systems.

State Foreign Trade Enterprise (SFTE) «Spetstechnoexport» was the first company which declared its readiness to develop such system. Already having significant experience in projects implementation for creation of unmanned aerial systems from the initial stage to start of mass production, SFTE «Spetstechnoexport» gathered a team of developers. The task was to create an unmanned ground vehicle to perform various tasks on the battlefield, minimizing the danger to the lives of Ukrainian soldiers. The experience of military personnel who defend the borders of our country was taken into account in designing the system.

The first prototype of the system was already developed six months later, in August 2016 it was demonstrated to the Secretary of NSDCU under the name of "Fantom".

Development and creation of "Fantom" was exclusively funded by SFTE «Spetstechnoexport» without attracting the public funds. Engineering and design works were performed by the experts of the private company in cooperation with the experts of Kyiv and Zhytomyr armor plants. Project coordination was carried out by the Innovations Development Platform, which is the only agency in Ukraine on incubation and implementation of innovative projects in the field of defense technologies. "Fantom" exactly became the first project which implementation is carried out according to the business plan drawn by the Innovations Development Platform. Currently the Platform is attracting investments for the project development, and in the future will be scaling the production of various modifications of unmanned ground systems based on "Fantom" in Ukraine.

The first firing tests of "Fantom" were held in September 2016. During the tests of precision shooting with 12,7 mm caliber machine gun mounted on the rotating stabilized platform with the use of modern gun management system, showed "sniper" results - "Fantom" hit targets from stationary positions and in motion.

Later, the test operations of "Fantom" were held at military training areas in different weather conditions, with the participation of top state officials. Also, "Fantom" was tested by special operation forces, allowing developers to gather and implement additional recommendations to improve the system.

In February 2017, during the International defense exhibition "IDEX-2017" SFTE «Spetstechnoexport» presented a new modification of "Fantom" with installed anti-missile system "Barrier".


Inside the platform body are: power generator, accumulator battery, digital electronic equipment. Antenna, the unit of detection, identification and tracking are mounted on the top of the platform.

The unit of detection, identification and tracking consists of:

  • Rotating platform for different kinds of armament installations with stabilizing system
  • Optical and thermovision units (range of sight during the day-time – 2000 m, the night-time – 1000 m)
  • Remote control system

Platform control is carried out by mobile complex, which size can be reduced to the dimensions of a case at Customer’s request. The Platform operates on accumulator battery and independently charges it with the integrated power generator.

Communication between the control unit and the platform is provided by protected radio channel (the range of use from 100 up to 2500 m depending on conditions of application).

Distance range for one battery charge is up to 20 km, maximum vehicle speed – 38 km/h. The transport can hurdle barriers up to 50 cm and move through locations with fording depth of 50 cm. Such motion parameters are provided with 30 KW hybrid all-wheel drive engine, independent suspension and hydraulic brake system.

The Platform dimensions are 3 х 1.6 х 0.91 m, gross weight – 650 kg, payload – up to 350 kg.

The Platform can operate together with Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, which functions are: terrain map rendering, additional communication channel between operator and the platform in case of the main channel failure, detection of enemy positions.

Development prospects

Today "Fantom" is the foundation for further designs and improvements of Ukrainian tactical unmanned vehicles. The task of the project team is to create various modifications of such military and special engineering machinery that would allow expanding the number of missions that can be effectively performed without putting at risk the life of soldiers and border guards.

Design of "Fantom" is the first step of Ukrainian specialists in the development of domestically produced advanced defense systems, which eventually will replace traditional weapons designs.

Project stages
  • Prototype model was produced
  • Prototype tests were held
  • Additional prototype tests were held
  • Products marketing
  • Launch of serial manufacturing