Our mission

  • Providing advanced sectors of the economy with the latest high-performance developments
  • Increasing Ukrainian products competitiveness on international markets

Our goals

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Unite leading scientists and researchers with a view to develop innovative projects

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Attract investments and ensure funds for scientific and research-and-development works

Launch serial manufacture of high-tech products in Ukraine and secure comprehensive marketing for them

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Our participants

Scientists, researchers and engineers-designers who are the authors of innovative bio, med, agrarian and defence industries, and require comprehensive support for the implementation of their own projects

Private and strategic investors, investment funds interested in financing high-tech developments in agrarian, biological, medical, digital, military and dual-use products

How do we select innovative projects?

Ukrainian and international experts in defense products production evaluate technical specifications of each project against criteria of technology development perspectiveness and analyze the needs in securing production facilities for a project

The experts analyze competitiveness of end products, create forecast of potential sales volume, as well as determine stages of project implementation and evaluate need in financing

The best projects obtain financing and full implementation follow-up – from prototyping to organizing serial production and promotion of goods on domestic and international markets

How we reach our goals

  • Involve core professionals with the experience on domestic and international markets
  • Evaluate projects attractiveness and their competitiveness on international markets
  • Identify the levels of innovativeness and feasibility of projects implementation
  • Elaborate marketing strategies
  • Plan the necessary resources and draw in scientists, developers, producers and suppliers on a partnership basis
  • Attract investors and arrange syndicated financing of the projects
  • Control projects implementation after raising investments
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Our partners

Specialized research institutes, higher educational establishments, public associations, volunteer movement, as well as enterprises of the aviation, defense and civilian industries