What is “Innovation Development Platform”?

A project of incubation and implementation of innovative projects in the field of defence technologies.

www.ukrinnovate.com website serves as an on-line service for communication between individuals and organizations who are interested in the projects development. Registration on the website is the first step to achieve further cooperation with the Platform, in particular, to submit the projects for analysis by the experts of the Platform (for inventors) and to access the catalogue of investment projects (for investors).

Innovation Development Platform comprises incubator and accelerator of projects, R&D and working hubs, performs scaling of projects through launching mass production of the product and ensures its comprehensive marketing.


How do we select innovative projects?

At the next stage of project selection we analyze final products competitiveness, create forecast of potential sales volume and financial perspective, determine stages of project implementation and evaluate need in financing.

The best projects will obtain financing and full support during their implementation cycle – from prototyping to serial production and promotion of goods on domestic and international markets.


Who can cooperate with the Platform?

We are open for cooperation with all those truly interested in the development of innovative projects in the field of defense technologies and able to offer their contribution, namely:


  • scientists, researchers and engineers-designers who are the authors of innovative designs in the defense sector and require complex support for implementation of their projects;
  • nationals both of Ukraine and other states who are eager to join financing the platform’s projects and ensure priority shipments of the newest products to the Ukrainian army;
  • private, strategic investors and investment funds interested in financing high technology military and dual purpose product designs.


How to derive benefit from the Platform?

Registration is not necessary to provide financial support for the project selected by the user. Just click “Donate” on the card of the project or on the page of the selected project.

For inventors and nationals who are desired of staying informed of the latest news about the Platform’s projects, it is sufficient to just fill in a short registration form by clicking on "Register" at the top right corner of the website.

Inventors who want to submit their projects for analysis by the experts of the Platform, after registering on the website have the option to fill in a standardized electronic form describing the basic information about the project, its uniqueness, personal experience etc. Each inventor receives access to the personal account on the Platform website.

Private investors and representatives of investment funds, who want to know about the possibilities of entering the international high-tech market in details, as well as access to the closed catalogue of investment projects, should submit an investor application by entering the page “For Investors".

Further communication with inventors and investors is carried out with the direct participation of the Platform’s employees.


Does the Platform’s website show all the relevant projects?

Currently, the website of the Platform shows the projects already selected by analysts and under consideration by the Technical Council of the Platform, projects that were selected and received financing.

The catalogue of investment projects which can be implemented only with the participation of private and strategic investors is restricted. One can view the list of such projects only after filling in the investor’s application and its verification by the Platform employee.


How are the rights of inventors protected?

By registering on the website of the Platform inventor agrees to the basic principles and conditions of cooperation as defined by the Terms of Use. At further stages of project consideration non-disclosure agreement between project’s participants is signed. Should a positive decision be granted by the Investment Council, the Platform and inventor will sign other agreements which are necessary to enable protection of the rights of the parties during the project implementation.

How are the rights of investors protected?

Before launching cooperation parties will agree upon all the terms of cooperation and arrange them legally. The rights of investors will be protected as per the terms of the official documents signed by the parties.