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30 May 2018

16 May 2018

19 April 2018

How to turn Soviet-era worldview into cluster-type economy

  Dmytro ShestakovPartner of the Innovations Development Platform "Innovative process is the search for or the creation of mechanisms able to resolve specific problem. It emerges when we realize exactly what problem we wish to resolve, but do not know for sure how to do this." Republished from Innovation House   Innovative process is the search for...

29 March 2018

19 March 2018

16 March 2018

Two-in-one: cross points between military start-ups and private business sector

Dmytro Shestakov Partner of the Innovations Development Platform As military technologies demonstrate the deeper penetration into our everyday life, they become an integral part of it. Nowadays, everyone may launch the own business by adapting military technologies to the civil use.   However, we face some logical questions here: which technologies have come to the civil use from the army, what is a dual-use product, which military technologies may contribute to the national security of Ukraine, and...

23 February 2018

22 February 2018

Innovations vs. Replications

Dmytro Shestakov Managing Partner of the Innovations Development Platform "There are development directions which should be the top priority directions for Ukraine. To identify such directions, we should rely on certain essential aspects – the priority industries shall have a strong innovation potential and focus on exports. They should be based on the existing knowledge base and practical experience, which are the key competitive advantages of the intellectual capital of Ukraine"...

8 February 2018

Brain Drain, Demographic Crisis in Ukraine and Possible Solutions

Dmytro Shestakov Managing Partner of the Innovations Development Platform "Ukraine has faced a sad situation for the recent three decades. According to the official sources, 350 thousand engineers and scientists were involved in R&D in 1990. Today, their number is less than 50 thousand. I mean people having special higher education and working in the R&D area. To survive, some of them switched to trading, construction and other earnings for subsistence. Some of them have died. Others left for the USA, China,...

7 February 2018

Innovations Development Platform – new opportunities for the Ukrainian Defence Industry

Republished from  «Defense Express»   In April 2017, the agency primarily focused on commercialisation of military innovative developments was launched in Ukraine. It’s the Innovation Development Platform, the entity that adopts, in its functional model, the successful experience of the top innovation countries, such as the USA and Israel. The Agency combines teams of developers, experts and investors to create highly competitive innovative products having the potential of batch production. Before commencement of project implementation, the Platform’s team completes the analysis to identify product’s innovativeness...

6 February 2018

From Garages to Science Parks: Origins of Ukrainian Innovations

Dmytro Yeriomin The Managing Partner of Innovation Park "Market winners emerge from players learning the way to combine fundamental researches with business, and build a sustainable system on such basis. Once this gap between the foundation and business components is eliminated, only then we’ll have our competitive products." Republished from

29 January 2018

Innovations as the National Security Foundation

Yuriy Gusev Advisor to the Minister PhD in economics "The situation in the Eastern Regions of our countries has brought about the high demand in updating of the current weapons and means of warfare in the military community. As a consequence, the top priority directions include, first of all, development of modern technologies of military personnel and military facilities protection, development of innovative target killers and radio location facilities, development of hi-tech reconnaissance and combat means, and...

1 December 2017

Poverty Escape Mission: 5 Barriers and 5 Solutions

Oleksiy ZhmerenetskiyCoordinator of  COLO Business Club, innovations expert   "As a significant global trend, corporations look for technologies in so-called open innovation platforms with hundreds and thousands of teams offering their innovation solutions. In Ukraine, the Innovation Development Platform may be mentioned here as the example. Such platforms enable talents’ direct contacting of innovation customers, and enable...

17 November 2017

How Ukraine Can Win the War

David BraunСЕО Templatemonster "For nearly four years, we have been in the war with the enemy that has considerably prevailing forces. Therefore, we have to win asymmetrically." Republished from  НВ Бізнес   For nearly four years, we have been in the war with the enemy that has considerably prevailing forces. Therefore, we have to win asymmetrically. Conventionally, technology innovations have worked as the...

30 October 2017

Incubator in the War. How Military Startups Work in Ukraine

  Dmytro ShestakovManaging Partner of the Innovations Development Platform "Now, the key challenge is unavailability of competitive innovation products on the global level. Certain products appear from time to time, but not systematically. Moreover, many such new products are very difficult to sell for various reasons. As a matter of fact, there are no R&D (Research and Development) efforts. Currently, the number of successfully commercialised serial products is close to zero." ...

26 October 2017

LimpidArmor, the Vision Saving Soldier’s Life

LimpidArmor is the innovative new generation helmet-mounted system for military heavy armoured vehicles. LimpidArmor is the helmet-mounted circular review system with hololenses, built-in analytical modules and communication equipment. LimpidArmor helps solve one of the pressing challenges for the crew of heavy armoured vehicles in the course of military operations – a restricted circular view of the area, and may procure the 360 degree view resulting in the improved maneuvering of armoured vehicles. This development has obvious competitive advantages if compared with similar products in the USA, Israel, Canada and Great Britain, due to a more attractive price, the time required for development and supply, higher mobility and improved installation...

6 October 2017

Innovations Development Platform: last year results

During the last year, the Platform substantially extended its partner network of domestic and foreign investors for its projects, with a number of them providing for financing of developments in radiolocation, hydroacoustic systems, target acquisition and battle management systems.  Within the framework of the consistent innovation development process, we launched the concept of the Innovation Development Strategy in Ukraine (you can get it here) and held, in July of this year – together with the Reforms Office under the Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers, UKRAINEINVEST Investment Engagement and Support Office and the Ukrainian Institute of Future...

17 September 2017

Lack of confidence: breaking the unbreakable

Danylo Sytnikov Vice-president of UA.RPA "To have technologies developed, the existing industry relations should be improved, and new industry relations should be implemented. It has been a long while since Ukraine left behind the ideologically biased method of forced developments widely practised in the Soviet Union. However, our country has not yet switched to capital market relations." Republished from Obozrevatel

11 May 2017

The last modification of “Fantom” was presented to Turkish partners

The last modification of unmanned tactical multipurpose vehicle “Fantom” was presented at the international exhibition of defence industry IDEF-2017 in Turkey. Ukrainian “Fantom” astonished Turkish partners primarily by its mobility and adaptability to different types of equipment and weapons, including anti-tank. Developers have demonstrated to foreign partners the possible configuration versions of “Fantom” to perform various tasks during the day and night: reconnaissance, fire support, evacuation of wounded, delivery of ammunition, surveillance at the checkpoints, power source etc. According to Pavlo Barbul, Director of SE SFTE “SpetsTechnoExport”, the improvement of “Fantom” continues according to the...

6 April 2017

Innovations Development Platform starts its work in Ukraine

6 April 2017, Innovation Park UNIT.City, Kyiv – Innovations Development Platform - the agency on incubation and implementation of innovative projects in the field of defence technologies starts its work in Ukraine. Platform’s team became one of the first residents of the Innovation Park  UNIT.City which has been opened with the participation of Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman. In this Park, a team of managers and analysts will work on the creation of an incubator for research and development of defence innovations, and later – an industrial park for their manufacture. Technology Companies’ Development Centre (TCDC) will become a Platform’s partner in these stages.  The agency “Innovations...

21 December 2016

What are the Problems with the Creation of Defence Innovations

 Igor Lysytskiy director of "KPI Oboronservice" company "We need new technology and its mass production. It will take years, if we do it systematically and continually. If we ignore the above tasks, defence, economic and intellectual potential of the country would intensify only in words."...

8 December 2016

“Fantom” demonstrated its combat capabilities during freezing rain

Tactical unmanned multipurpose vehicle “Fantom” represented by SFTE “SpetsTechnoExport” - demonstrated its combat capabilities to the senior officials of the National Security and Defense of Ukraine, the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine and the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The demonstration took place during severe weather conditions - freezing rain, at Honcharivske proving ground, Chernihiv region. “Fantom” demonstrated mooving between positions on the battlefield, gathering information relevant for operation, overruning a position to fire and hypothetical target destruction. “Tactical unmanned...

1 December 2016

Innovative developments in defense sector: why Ukrainian reality behind the world

    Igor Kabanenko President of UA.RPA "Innovative defensive developments created in Ukraine are competitive in international markets. They often gain in creativity and are cost-effective proved scaled production." Republished from

31 October 2016

Challenges of Time: Threats Stimulate Innovation

Victor Kompaniets Head of investments at Digital Future "In Israel, there is the so-called Office of the Chief Scientist. This is scientific and commercial public corporation, which is engaged in stimulating development in certain areas deemed strategic for the state of Israel. There is a Royal Strategic Committee in Sweden, it also...

30 October 2016

Horizontal thinking: how to attract investments under war conditions

 Olexandr Savruk PhD, dean of the Kyiv-Mohyla Business School  "We have enough competent people and interesting ideas. The question is about creating the infrastructure of incubators, platforms, R & D centres, agencies able to take responsibility and work with public and private orders, with the state, business and foreign investors." Republished from the web-site 

28 October 2016

Relevance of Systemic Development of Innovations

   Evgeniy Sarantsov  Founder of TradeHub and Technology   Companies' Development Center "Commercialization of scientific research has little to do with scientific developments themselves. It's all about money. It is necessary to separate the science from commercialization, though balancing their relationships. No need to make...

21 October 2016

Army of the Future: Dual Perspective of Innovation

   Sergiy Zgurets  Director of Defense Express Consulting Company   "If we talk about qualitatively effective mechanism for creating innovation, then following the practices of DARPA which is the most respected in the world, we must understand that in Ukraine it must strive for one important...

11 October 2016

"Fantom" - a soldier of the future. The public premiere during the exhibition "Arms and Security"

During the international exhibition “Arms and Security 2016” (Kyiv) the Ukrainian public premiere of "Fantom" was held. It is one of the most advanced developments of SE "SpetsTechnoExport" which is a part of the SC "Ukroboronprom." It is the first step in creation of advanced systems to replace traditional weapons. "Fantom" is a remotely operated mini tactical unmanned multipurpose vehicle. Day and night sighting systems allow to fire at any time of day for a distance of over 1 km, vehicle endurance is up to 20 km, controls are carried out by secure radio channel or via fiber cable length of 5 km. In addition it is possible to equip it with high-precision anti-missile weapons.

11 October 2016

Innovations development systemacy: why it matters

Kostyantyn Grygoriev   Director of Ukrsoft Plus company "I hope that the idea of creating Innovation Development Platform as an integrator of investment processes in the sector will create  conditions for attracting investments in perspective defense projects". Republished from Liga: 

1 October 2016

Ukrainian Economy Needs Innovations

Pavlo Barbul Director of SFTE "SpetsTechnoExport"   "Only ideas or funds are not enough. A full-fledged innovative infrastructure is needed - a system of communications and coordination, competition and cooperation, which participants are interrelated and work together to create innovation." Tha article is republished...

29 September 2016

The Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine familiarized with the new development of Ukrainian engineers – “Fantom”

The first sample of a tactical unmanned multipurpose vehicle “Fantom” was represented to the Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Olexander Turchynov. “Fantom” is a remotely operated mini armored carrier. Day and night sighting systems allow to fire at any time of the day for a distance of over 1 km. Its operational range is up to 20 km, it is operated by means of secure radio channel or via fiber cable of 5 km length. “Fantom” can transport ammunition, retrieve wounded from the battlefield and perform combat missions. “Fantom” is a...