Complete innovator application

Innovator’s benefits

  • Validation of innovative project for demand availability and its competitiveness on domestic and external markets
  • Reduction of the time for transformation the idea into the end product due to the access to the Platform’s partners – investors, suppliers and manufacturers
  • Integration of the designed technology into other projects
  • Elaboration of effective business model for product commercialization

The Platform provides support for the project on all stages of its implementation – from the idea to the sale of end products.

Project Stages

Filling in an application by Innovator

  • The history of filled applications is stored on the Personal page of Innovator

Conducting input expertise of a project

Conducting extended expertise of a project

  • Decision on further cooperation is taken

Work on a project in Expert Groups

  • Technical, marketing, financial analysis is conducted
  • Risk analysis is carried out
  • Legal structure is defined
  • Strategic plan of a project and Road Map of project implementation is elaborated
  • Investment memorandum is prepared

Attracting financing

  • A project is posted in projects catalogue of the Platform
  • Investments are searched
  • Negotiations with investors are held
  • Legal structure of financing contract is elaborated
  • FInancing contract is signed
  • A project receives funding for implementation

Project implementation

  • Engineering documentation is developed
  • Prototype models are produced
  • Prototypes tests are held

Arrangement of products sales on domestic and external markets

  • Products are put in the arsenal of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine
  • Products are included into Government defense procurement list
  • Negotiations with foreign buyers are held
  • Supply contracts are signed

Launch of  batch production

Production improvement and product-line expansion

  • Modernization projects for current produce are executed
  • Projects for new product-lines are launched