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Project information
The worth of “Fantom” is that it is able to protect soldier’s life and minimize human presence in dangerous places; conduct reconnaissance operations and reduce physical load for military personnel during military, rescue and reconnaissance ground operations.

Transport vehicle “Fantom” is used for ambulance and rescue missions, ammunition supply, as a reconnaissance complex, power source, for defense of locations. The vehicle is also used as an escort transport that automatically follows the mobile column.

Unmanned aerial platforms are already used in a number of military missions, therefore the next stage in strengthening the armed forces is to develop unmanned ground platforms.


Inside the platform body are: power generator, accumulator battery, digital electronic equipment. Antenna, the unit of detection, identification and tracking are mounted on the top of the platform.

The unit of detection, identification and tracking consists of:

  • Rotating platform for different kinds of armament installations with stabilizing system
  • Optical and thermovision units (range of sight during the day-time – 2000 m, the night-time – 1000 m)
  • Remote control system

Platform control is carried out by mobile complex, which size can be reduced to the dimensions of a case at Customer’s request. The Platform operates on accumulator battery and independently charges it with the integrated power generator.

Communication between the control unit and the platform is provided by protected radio channel (the range of use from 100 up to 2500 m depending on conditions of application).

Distance range for one battery charge is up to 20 km, maximum vehicle speed – 38 km/h. The transport can hurdle barriers up to 50 cm and move through locations with fording depth of 50 cm. Such motion parameters are provided with 30 KW hybrid all-wheel drive engine, independent suspension and hydraulic brake system.

The Platform dimensions are 3 х 1.6 х 0.91 m, gross weight – 650 kg, payload – up to 350 kg.

The Platform can operate together with Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, which functions are: terrain map rendering, additional communication channel between operator and the platform in case of the main channel failure, detection of enemy positions.

What has been done

  1. Prototype model was produced
  2. Prototype tests were held

The next stages of the project

  1. Additional prototype tests
  2. Developing technological documentation for serial production
  3. Registration of patents
  4. Launch of serial production