Innovations Development Platform
Project information
Production of hypersensitive cooled infrared matrix sensors in Ukraine using unique approaches and technologies can reduce the production costs of R&D, logistics and wages, getting the best product performance.

Applications of thermal cameras

  • National security and modern weaponry: monitoring and control of state border, reconnaissance, aiming, pointing and fire control, search and detection of explosive substances and objects, poisonous substances
  • Fire safety: identification of high temperature areas and possible locations of fire
  • Ecology: scanning environment for contamination by harmful and toxic substances
  • Medicine: early diagnosis of inflammation, cancer and other diseases
  • Construction: detecting areas of heat loss and determining energy efficiency parameters of buildings, structures and facilities

Advantages of the project

  • Project designer has experience in the developing, organizing, producing and setting up technical infrastructure for high-tech laboratories: design, manufacture and installation of high-technology equipment, specific high-purity technological spaces (2 successfully implemented projects in South Korea)
  • Project implementation will be based on high sensitive cooled MWIR-sensors which are designed and produced in exploratory  quantities, have been sold on the world market by the developer of the project for a long time, have required reproductive quality
  • It is necessary to use ultra-pure raw materials, gases, equipment and so on to allow reproductive return of high-quality MWIR-sensors. 90% of all manufacturing operations should be carried out in special high-purity premises «Clean Rooms»
  • Because of high technology of production and involved ultra-pure materials technology tuning and initial production is taking place in Ukraine
  • Replication of production in investor’s country is possible after technology is optimized in Ukraine

Technical characteristics of the project

  • Operational frequency: 300 Hz
  • Detection range of a standard NATO target: 25 km
  • Range of a human detection: 9 km
  • Maintenance period during 5 years: 450 hours
  • Maintenance cost, % of product price: 40%