Innovations Development Platform
Project information
The Mobile Sonar Station solves the problem of detection and identifying underwater subversive teams, can determine the range of marine objects and build their routes and operate in both closed water and open water areas and capable to operate in both active and passive modes.

Project Objective

Development of the Mobile Sonar Station designated to:

  • Detection and identification of underwater subversive teams
  • Determining of the distance to objects in the sea and projecting of their movement
  • Monitoring of water areas

Problems Solved by the Project

Detection of submarine sabotage forces that endanger the military and nonmilitary ships or other important objects, or try to violate the state border.

Innovative Features of the Project

  • Use of hydroacoustic, seismoacoustic and radar technologies that enables combining of the active and passive operation modes in one station
  • Innovative algorithm of hydroacoustic signal processing based on vector-phase methods

Project Value

  • Timely prevention of possible underwater subversion and sabotage threats
  • Double reducing of the cost of hydroacoustic equipment
Project stages
  • Basic principles observed and reported
  • Technology concept or application formulated
  • Analytical and/ or experimental critical function or characteristic proof-of-concept
  • Component or breadboard validation in laboratory
  • Component or breadboard validation in a relevant environment
  • System/subsystem model or prototype demonstration in a relevant environment
  • System prototype demonstration in space
  • Actual system completed and flight qualified through test and demonstration
  • Actual system flight proven through successful mission operations