Innovations Development Platform
Project information
Highly effective transportable pneumatic mortar allows to liquidate enemy targets at a distance of 0.2-10 km. This universal system is simultaneously a grenade launcher, mortar, howitzer and is designed for installation on various wheeled and tracked chassis including specially developed chassis.

Civil and military application

Effective firefighting at a distance of 3 kilometers by massive delivery of required chemicals to the fire area (fire in skyscrapers, military supply depots, oil and gas wells, peats and forest fires).

Protection of civilian vessels against sea pirates that is in line with international law.

Instant laying of smoke screen on the area of up to 1 at a distance of up to 8 km, planting of mine fields, formation of minefield lanes at a distance of up to 3 km.

Competitive advantages

  • Low-noise shot and no flash, no barrel heating
  • Fire control program
  • The level of efficiency in shooting is 4 times less
  • Adjustable rate of fire, power and range of the shot
  • No complete round
  • Increased capacity of automatic magazines
  • Large system work resource - over 50 thousand of shots
Project stages
  • Developing and producing mortar prototype (130 mm) on the motor vehicle chassis
  • Developing, producing and testing mortar remote control system
  • Developing, producing and testing high pressure compressor station to power mortar
  • Developing and producing prototype of automatic pneumatic mortar (130 mm)
  • Developing and producing fire program control system
  • Testing self-propelled mortar