Innovations Development Platform
Project information
Tropospheric radio relay communication station ensures protected against obstacles communication method, sufficient for automative radio transmitters management.
  • Complex allows to maintain communication line construction at the distance of up to 200 km
  • Increased intelligence protection from aiming obstacles due to significant spatial selectivity of emission
  • Quality of lines does not depend on the nature of warfare, geomagnetic activity, high-altitude nuclear
  • Explosions, other destabilizing factors affecting other means of communication 
  • Do not require the towers for installation and can take advantage of disguising terrain characteristics
  • Guarantee of communication in moving condition at the distance up to 50 km (optionally)
  • Tropospheric stations can be deployed and raise regular connection in a short period of time

Station characteristics

  • Digital data transmission in tropospheric mode at the minimal speed of 4 MB/sec
  • Working frequency range - 4.4... 5.0 GHz
  • Transmitter output power > 200 W
  • automatic discrete (with pitch 1 dB) adjustment of output power
  • integrated functional control system without broadcasting
  • Time deployment and connection adjustment < 15 min
  • Obstacle resistant encoding with direct error correction and adaptation to station is working conditions change

System modular structure allows combining station structural elements or integrating the whole station in more complicated communication system. 

Project stages
  • Scientific and technical grounds of station development have been established and are under patent protection
  • Draft design of developing portable tropospheric radio relay communication station has been performed
  • Development of the operational engineering documentation
  • Production of the samples
  • Patent protection
  • Testing
  • Follow-up the prototype