Innovations Development Platform
Project information
Helmet-Mounted Circular Review System for Armoured Vehicles, whereby the crew gets an opportunity to inspect the surrounding area, while being within the heavy equipment, which increases and accelerates maneuverability and accuracy of control.

Project Objective

Development of the Helmet-Mounted Circular Review System for Armoured Vehicles designated to providing the crew of heavy machinery the information on the environment.

Problems Solved by the Project

  • Restricted area review by the crew of armoured vehicles
  • Low accuracy of vehicle maneuvering

Innovative Features of the Project

The technology is being developed by foreign companies, and no finished product is currently in existence.

Project Value

  • Higher accuracy of vehicle maneuvering
  • Avoidance of vehicle damaging by surrounding objects
  • Improved safety of the vehicle crew due to timely detection of hostile objects
  • Accident protection of people staying close by the vehicle


Project stages
  • Basic principles observed and reported
  • Technology concept or application formulated
  • Analytical and/ or experimental critical function or characteristic proof-of-concept
  • Component or breadboard validation in laboratory
  • Component or breadboard validation in a relevant environment
  • System/subsystem model or prototype demonstration in a relevant environment
  • System prototype demonstration in space
  • Actual system completed and flight qualified through test and demonstration
  • Actual system flight proven through successful mission operations