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Project information
The features of tactical unmanned aerial system "Anser" are the speed of deployment, reliability and resistance to mechanical and thermal effects. Designed for tactical reconnaissance for a flight duration of up to 12 hours.


UAC “Anser” can solve the tasks of small aircraft in the areas of more than 1500 km2, weighing about 23 kg.

The main advantages of UAC “ANSER” are:

  • high resolution camera;
  • thermal imager;
  • up to 5 kg of payload;
  • stabilized platform for optoelectronic system;
  • on-line telemetry;
  • automatic flight with reference to electronic map;
  • wide range of application;
  • alternative to small aircrafts;
  • ease and usability of operation.

Basic technical characteristics 

  • Launch: catapult / or runaway, automatic take-off
  • Landing: unhooking parachute system and cushion airbag
  • Wingspan: 3500 mm
  • Length: 2000 mm
  • Controlled Flight range (distance from GCS) with on-line video: Up to 70 km without satellite and 3G link
  • Secured data link, encrypted відео channel
  • Operating ceiling: Up to 3500 m
  • Operational speed: 60-120 kmh
  • Wind conditions: 5-12 meters/second
  • Hybrid (manual/semi/full auto) with autopilot navigation based on LINUX-operated on-board PC, GNSS with CEP drift.
  • UAV tracking with reference to electronic maps
  • Automatic (emergency) return to launching point
  • Unlimited number of waypoints and more than 100 parameters
  • In-flight mission update
  • Payload control through std joystick
Project stages
  • Prototype model was produced
  • Prototype tests were held
  • Additional prototype tests were held
  • Products marketing
  • Launch of serial manufacturing