Innovations Development Platform
Project information
The algorithms demonstrated high jamming resistance, target determination in difficult light, jamming and masking conditions. Small computing resources are required to implement BSA algorithms that ensure their high performance and efficiency. The use of algorithms will significantly lower the cost of new models of monitoring and navigation systems compared with the analogues.

BSA algorithms are designed for autonomous and automatic realisation of target search on images received by technical means, determination of target types, solving issues of navigation, aiming and pointing.


At present BSA algorithms render possible to develop monitoring and navigation systems that have better economic, tactical and technical specifications than their foreign analogues.

Options of targets visualization

System capabilities:

  • Work with images of the targets (infra-red, radio locational and optical)
  • Separation of targets from obstacles
  • Target selection under unfavourable weather conditions and low light level
  • Automatic search of targets, pointing and providing target marking information to an operator or mission execution in automatic mode by operator’s decision
  • Increased range of use
  • Automatic detection and informing standby forces about breach of controlled areas and emerged threats

What has been done

  1. Parts of the pilot model were made
  2. BSA algorithms were examined and tested by the organizations of the Defence Ministry of Ukraine, by the enterprises-participants of SC “Ukroboronprom” and other defence equipment and weapon producers
  3. Positive opinions and summaries were issued as a result of conducted tests

The next stages of the project

  1. Conducting scientific and engineering work for integration into existing equipment models
  2. Creating prototype models of equipment with integrated solution
  3. Prototype tests
  4. Registration of patents
  5. Launch of serial production