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7 February 2018

Innovations Development Platform – new opportunities for the Ukrainian Defence Industry

Republished from  «DEFENSE EXPRESS»


In April 2017, the agency primarily focused on commercialisation of military innovative developments was launched in Ukraine. It’s the Innovation Development Platform, the entity that adopts, in its functional model, the successful experience of the top innovation countries, such as the USA and Israel.

The Agency combines teams of developers, experts and investors to create highly competitive innovative products having the potential of batch production. Before commencement of project implementation, the Platform’s team completes the analysis to identify product’s innovativeness and demand for such product in the domestic and foreign markets, and engages experts from research institutes, design offices and manufacturing companies.

Within a short time period, the agency has acquired successful experience through participation in a number of projects, with each such project being implemented at least up to stage of the operable prototype.

Phantom Unmanned Tactical Multipurpose Vehicle and Taipan Weapon Station were developed in cooperation with SPETSTECHNOEXPORT State-Run Foreign Trade Company by order of UKROBORONPROM Ukrainian Defence Industry State-Run Concern.

ANSER and SPARROW Unmanned Aerial Vehicles were designed due to joint efforts of the Platform and SPAITECH Research and Production Company.

Currently, the Innovation Development Platform is engaged in creation and engagement of additional investments in projects with a certain readiness level according to the TRL (Technology Readiness Levels) model of the NASA.



LimpidArmor is the helmet-mounted circular review system for military heavy armoured vehicles.

This development helps solve the key problems and challenges for the heavy armoured vehicle crew, i.e. improves accuracy of armoured vehicle manoeuvring, protects vehicles from damaging by surrounding objects, and improves safety of the vehicle crew due to timely detection of hostile objects.

Similar solutions are being developed by foreign companies, but no finished product is currently in existence.

The current Project status (based on the TRL model) is TRL 4. It means that the project implementation is at the stage of verification of the prototype and its components in the laboratory environment. Manufacturing of the operable prototype is expected to be completed in 2018.


Mobile Mine Detector

Mobile Radar System of Remote Mine Detection

The Mine Detector enables reducing of the time required for area scanning and reducing of the expenses spent to purchase and maintain mine detection equipment.

Currently, there are no alternative solutions based on the FLGPR (Forward Looking Ground Penetration Radar) technology.

This development offers significant advantages, such as remote mine detection at a longer distance (up to 10 m) in comparison with the DLGPR technology (up to 3 m), simultaneous processing of large areas (increased by 4 in comparison with the DLGPR technology) and identifying of various mine types without any additional devices.

The current Project status (based on the TRL model) is TRL 4, i.e. the development is at the stage of verification of the prototype and its components in the laboratory environment.


Body Scanner

Body Scanner is a scanner designated for detection of arms, ammunitions, explosives and explosive substances at high-risk sites.

The product enables scanning and detection of objects that may not be identified by metal detectors and X-ray scanners. The device is safe for human health, it features the high speed of objects detection and identifying, and it may be applied in open terrains due to the scanning distance of up to 20 metres. The scanner is mobile and may be integrated into the customer’s global security system.

The expected users of the product include personal protection services, security teams of airports, banks and stadiums, and security teams at high-risk sites and mass-gathering places.

The current project status based on the TRL model is TRL 3, i.e. the product development is currently at the stage of analytical and experimental proof of critical functions and concept parameters of the product, while some elements are still at the approbation stage.

Project implementation principles and detailed technical parameters are made available by the Platform to potential partners and investors interested in the cooperation aimed at implementation of projects.

The Innovation Development Platform proves that investments in military innovative developments are profitable in Ukraine. It has been already proven by the practice of similar agencies engaged in commercialisation of military innovative developments in the leading countries, and it is currently proved by the Innovation Development Platform.