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Project information

With the support of State Enterprise “Ukrinmash”

Aviation system is used in the case of failure to use manned tactical attack aircraft in a combat zone. The attack unmanned aircraft system (AUAS) is low-detectable for most of the existing targeting thermal heads of modern man-portable anti-aircraft missile systems due to its low energy intensity and efficient dispersion of exhaust gases.

AUAS is used for destroying enemy equipment and personnel, aerial reconnaissance devices, as well as for adjustment of artillery fire. This system addresses the current demand for special types of weapons with an optimal ratio of price and consumer qualities.

The project aim is to significantly improve the armed forces efficiency and prevent human losses. 


  • Cheap and quick to manufacture military bearing platform with remote control
  • Online controlled, powerful combat computing-control system with the function of image recognition, memorization, tracking of pointed targets, as well as guidance of chosen weapon taking into account its ballistic characteristics using military algorithms for flexible implementation of the range of tactical needs
  • The system can be controlled from the remote network control center
  • Highly effective in the conveying scheme of combat operation, where one pilot manages many attacking UAV that consistently take off and deliver ammunition to the use place and then return to base station automatically
  • Maximum payload is 220 kg
  • Maximum speed is 150 km / h
  • Four-cycle air cooling engine of 102 h.p., fuel consumption (gasoline A95) is up to 10 l/hour
  • Variations of weapons: modern high-precision antitank missile systems

What has been done

  1. OEM suppliers have been specified
  2. Communication system has been produced and tested

The next stages of the project

  1. Developing of technological documentation
  2. Prototype model production
  3. Prototype tests
  4. Registration of patents
  5. Launch of serial production