Innovations Development Platform
Project information
VFS-5 Mobile Water Purification System is designed to treat water with a variable and wide range of suspended substances and high turbidity in order to supply high-quality clean potable water from dirty sources, such as lakes, rivers, dikes, water reservoirs and subsoil waters.

Project Objective:

  • Potable water supply to localities affected by the Anti-Terrorist Operation (ATO);
  • Potable water supply to civilians when removing consequences of man-caused emergencies and natural disasters;
  • Temporary supply of potable water to civilians for the period of reconstruction of water supply communications;
  • Potable water supply to civilians in coastal areas with no easy access to fresh water sources.

Project Value

The System may be mounted onto a truck to enhance its mobility, or delivered to a dirty water source by railroad, sea or air transport facilities designed to carry standard ІSО containers and having the carrying capacity of at least 8,000 kg.

The System can treat dirty water sources with highly turbid water.

It takes only 1.5 hours to deploy the System and set it into operation.


  • Water purification capacity: 5,000 litres per hour;
  • Power source: 3-phase power supply, 380 V, 50 Hz / 9.5 kW diesel generator;
  • Types of filtering materials: basalt, granulate, quartz sand, activated carbon;
  • Dimensions: 240 cm х 600 cm х 240 cm (20-foot ISO container);
  • Weight: 4,500 kg
Project stages
  • Prototype model was produced
  • Prototype tests were held
  • Additional prototype tests were held
  • Products marketing
  • Launch of serial manufacturing