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Project information
Purpose of the helicopter: passenger transport, educational and training, patrol (permanent patrolling and monitoring of state border areas, airborne control of guards and subunits actions, conducting demonstrative actions, actions of psychological influence), searching and rescuing, monitoring, radio electronic warfare.

Serial manufacturing of helicopters KT-112 “Kadet” in Ukraine will lead to the following advantages:

  • high reliability of twin-engined helicopter in comparison with single-engined helicopter – in the event of one engine failure twin-engined helicopter continues the flight
  • price affordability, as the cost of other twin-engined helicopters, which belong to medium category, at least 10 times exceeds the price of helicopter KT-112
  • permission to fly over cities, seas and forests (it is forbidden for single-engined helicopters)
  • the use of gasoline as fuel does not require basing of helicopter KT-112 “Kadet” on airfields and form stocks of aviation fuel, and also significantly reduces the cost of flying hours
  • usage of internal-combustion engines instead of gas-turbine engines minimizes shot-down probability in case of using man-portable air-defence systems by enemy (important for military modifications)


Basic configuration of helicopter is equipped with two engines Rotax 912 of 100 horse power each. Maximum take off gross weight is 925 kg, including empty weight of the helicopter 540 kg. Cruise speed is 160 km/h, maximum speed is 190 km/h. Lifting speed is 8 m/s. Crew is 1 pilot and 2 (3) passengers. Maximum flying height (absolute ceiling) is 4 000 m.

Installation of additional equipment and more powerful engines (115 horse power each) on other modifications of helicopter is provided.

Project stages
  • The full set of working construction documentation was prepared
  • The phase of factory tests of helicopter and its units was completed
  • The patent was registered for industrial model of the helicopter
  • “Complex program for certification tests of a typical construction helicopter and its operating documentation was approved by the State Air Service
  • Finish construction of 3 helicopters to flying condition
  • Type certification
  • Import substitution of Russian components
  • Setting up serial production
  • Start of serial manufacturing