Innovations Development Platform
Project information
Laser engagement imitation system allows to conduct military trainings more effectively and with reduced costs.

According to the experts’ evaluation every shot from small-arms weapon during military exercises costs taxpayers around 1 $ (in Ukraine). In case of implementation of this project, the cost of one shot is equal to zero while conducting tactical training exercises.

Estimated expenses for training of one battalion (in Ukraine) are $ 840 thousand.

Pays off after two tactical training exercises for one battalion consisting of 778 personnel members.

Advantages of system usage

  • Ease of system installation onto regular arms and armored equipment
  • Possibility to use in any terrain
  • Imitation of simulated arms characteristics including ballistics
  • Possibility to use the imitators both separately and as the part of integrated training system ensuring interaction of different subunits
  • Possibility to control the warfare simulation in real time in 3D mode
  • Carrying out and receipt of advanced statistics analysis

Sensors characteristics

  • Sensors determine not only the hits, but also extent of the hit (killed, seriously wounded, lightly wounded, able to continue the combat mission etc.)
  • Hit detector is included in outfit of serviceman what allows serviceman to recognize himself as wounded and to know the extent of the wound
  • Special display is included in outfit of serviceman that allows serviceman to get the necessary information from instructor regarding made mistakes that resulted in wounding or loss of serviceman’s life
Project stages
  • Development of technical requirements to modules, headsets and software
  • Prototypes production
  • Testing prototypes, developing requirements regarding their optimization
  • Final system production
  • Final realization, testing