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PD-1 VTOL Fixed-Wing Unmanned Aerial System is ready to fly modular solution that can be easily customized in the field according to any mission. Our system is packed with high-end technology, AES 128/256 encryption and anti-jamming technologies. PD-1 VTOL UAV can stay in the air for up to 7 hours with 8 kg payload and well-suited for surveillance, aerial photography, agriculture, search and rescue and public safety applications.


Modular "Fastlink" design

PD-1 UAV has modular design, all airframe part are secured with Fastlink locks, so you do not need any tools to assemble or disassemble the drone. PD-1 drone can be assembled from the box within 10 minutes. Modular design allows to easily and quickly replace all airframe parts, engine unit, payload and other equipment on board. Payload area is big enough to fit dual sensor gimbal and photo camera or any other similar equipment.

PD-1 assembly zoom


Fully programmable

PD-1 UAS comes with advanced autopilot system which allows to do fully autonomous flights on pre-programmed route, do specific actions (e.g. take photos at certain point, turn on/off equipment on board when needed), do automatic take-off and landing, automatic launch from pneumatic catapult, parachute recovery and much more. All information from the PD-1 UAV (e.g. fuel level, engine temp, engine RPM, etc.) comes to GCS in real-time. PD-1 can also perform fully autonomous flights even when there is no connection with GCS and satellite navigation. It is ready to fly out of the box and well tuned for any mission.

Programmable flight

Advanced payloads

PD-1 UAV can carry wide range of different payloads. Standard equipment includes USG-212 EO/IR gimbal or USG-211 EO gimbal. Both camera gimbals features 30x optical zoom, digital video stabilization and target tracking. Furthermore, there is still enough space in payload area to carry secondary payload such as high resolution photo camera, SAR radar, radio repeater, etc.


High-res aerial photography

PD-1 UAS comes equipped with high resolution photo camera and software that allows to process and analyze photos. Photo camera can take pictures with resolution up to 10 pixels/cm while drone is flying on the altitude of 1000 meters. Our software packed with great features, such as ability to compare photos with the flight log file, which allows to find coordinates of the targeted object on the photo, mark up and specify objects of interest, see where the UAV was at the moment when photo was taken and generate standard reports. This solution cuts down overall time needed to analyze aerial photography materials and get most out of it.

Aerial photo analyzation software

Propulsion system

PD-1 UAV equipped with quiet and reliable 61cc 2 cylinder 4-stroke engine with electric starter/80 W generator system that can automatically start the engine and power up all equipment on board during the flight. In addition, electric fuel injection upgrade is available for maximum performance and add 15% more endurance. Engine unit can be easily replaced, so you don't have to interrupt drone operations for engine maintenance or overhaul. RPM, temperature and fuel level sensors comes as standard equipment.

Engine unit

Combat proven solution

PD-1 Unmanned Aerial Systems are currently on service in Ukrainian Armed Forces. Our solution has received positive feedback from Ukrainian Army officers, drone operators and intelligence agents. PD-1 comes equipped with anti-jam capabilities, allowing it to be operated without GNSS signal or even when it faces GPS spoofing or control signals interception attempts.

Ukrainian MoD



Flight modes

Flight route Programmable
Takeoff and landing Automatic
Auto-return In case of GNSS or control signals loss

Flight ranges

Flight time 7+ hours (with 8 kg payload and 12L of fuel)
Service ceiling 3000 m


Wing-span 5 m
Long endurance fuel tank 12 L
Payload capacity 8 kg
MTOW 45 kg


Encrypted real-time Full HD video 50 km
Encrypted datalink 85 km
Satellite navigation GPS/GLONASS
Satellite datalink Optionally


Detailed specifications